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Universitas Indonesia International Psychology Symposium for Undergraduate Research (UIPSUR) is an international research event that is conducted by the Faculty of Psychology Universitas Indonesia, to provide an opportunity for undergraduate students all over the world for showcasing their research to the scientific community. As one of the oldest Faculties of Psychology in Indonesia, our aim is to be the leader in developing and applying psychological science in Indonesia and the world. We hope that through this symposium, high quality studies and findings on psychological researches from different perspectives will be presented and encourage further development on the respective fields. Additionally, this symposium will also enable psychology students from all over Indonesia and the globe, to interact and to build a strong network among their peers.

We had successfully held the 1st UIPSUR at November 18th-19th, 2016 in Faculty of Psychology, Universitas Indonesia. The theme for 1st UIPSUR was “Promoting Psychological Contribution in a Globalized Community”. Opened with keynote speeches from Dr. Henry Otgaar (Maastricht Unversity) and Dr. Bagus Takwin (Universitas Indonesia), our 1st symposium was attended by undergraduate students from several countries, including universities in Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, and Netherland.

The 2017 UIPSUR will be our 2nd symposium. This year, our symposium’s theme is “Psychology in Post-Millennial Era”. As we are facing a rapid transformation era nowadays, the post-millennial era, we are in the transition of experiencing swift advancement itself. The limitations among places and people are gradually fading away, as we are now easily interconnected in this world. However, the fast changing presumably will bring gap among generations, from baby-boomer generation to generation X, Y, and even Z. Hopefully, through this symposium, we could learn the up-to-date researches conducted by undergraduate students regarding psychological phenomenon in this era.

Conference Scopes




Topics: Urban Psychology, Psychology of Architecture, Environmental Psychology, Cross-Cultural Psychology, Community Psychology and Indigenous Psychology.
Topics: Psychotherapy and Counseling, Addictive Behaviors, Eating Disorders, Personality Disorders, Quality of Life, Psychological Wellbeing, Interpersonal Relationship, Psychopathology, Mental Health Assessments, Sexual Behaviour, Gender Psychology, Child Development, Geriatric Psychology, Adolescent Psychology, Psychology of Parenting, Attachment.
Topics: Psychological Aspects of Individuals with Special Needs, Developmental Disorders, Learning Difficulty, Genetic Disorders, or those with Terminal Illness, Mental Health or Cognition with Poverty, Relative Deprivation, Social Inequality as well as Resilience to Poverty.

Topics: Decision Making and Problem Solving, Psychology of Learning, Concept Formation, Reasoning and Judgment, Language Processing, Traffic Psychology, Brain and Behaviour, Social and Cultural Factors in the Cognitive Approach, Psychological Measurements, School Environment, Learning and Technology, Psychology in Schools, Intelligence, and Creativity, Perspectives on Teaching, Individual Differences in Learning, the Gifted and the Talented

Topics: Intergroup Behaviour, Intragroup Behaviour, Aggression, Prosocial Behaviour, Social Influence, Stereotype, Prejudice, and Discrimination, Social Cognition, Political Psychology, Psychology of Conflict, Psychology of Terrorism, Community Resilience to Disaster, Community Intervention, Psychological Outcomes of Disasters and Methods used to Overcome Psychological Burdens associated with Disasters.

Topics: Organisational Behaviour, Psychology at Work, Ergonomics, Assessment and Selection in the Workplace, Leadership, Employee Satisfaction, Productivity at Work, Happiness at Work

Important Dates

Early Bird Submission

Full Paper Submission Deadline May 30th, 2017
Acceptance Notification (Full Paper) July 6th, 2017
Registration / Payment June 14th – July 14th, 2017

Regular Submission

Full Paper Submission Deadline August 15th, 2017
Acceptance Notification (Full Paper) September 4th, 2017
Registration / Payment July 15th – September 10th, 2017
September 16th, 2017

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